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My Future Wife

This writing is for anybody that keeps asking me when to get married? Do you have someone that is special? What is the characteristics that your future wife must have? etc.

My answer is:

I am not too desperate to get married. For me, I want to finish my study first. I have told my family that there is a possibility that my younger brother and sister may get married first. However, if I want to have a wife, there are a few characteristics that she must have.

First of all, I will choose a person that has a religious background. Besides that, I want a beautiful wife. As we know that beauty is subjective and it depends on the eyes of the beholder. I will choose a wife that will understand my responsibilities. I love to travel a lot. I also want her to understand that she is not the most person that I love. This is because in Islam our love for Allah and our prophet, Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam, must be our priority.

Furthermore, I also must manage my love toward my parents. So, I want my wife to understand that situation. She must not be too sensitive. My wife also must have a pleasant looking face. Her height also must not too short which is around 165cm until 175cm. This is because my height is 180cm.

Besides that, if I can choose, I will choose a person that works in different fields which is not a teacher to be my wife. This is not because I do not like a teacher. It is only that I want to challenge myself to manage the differences among us, my wife and I. I also want to know how her work affects her daily life. Other than that, I will choose a wife that younger than me or has the same age as me.

Lastly, if you ask me, whether now I have found my future wife, I will say that I am still searching for the best candidate. When the time has come, I will proceed to the next step.

What I have written is from my own opinion. Other people may have their own opinion and you are free to share it with me.