Conversation: a Cabbie & a Tourist

Cabbie: Good morning, sir.

Umar: Good morning, sir.

Cabbie: How are you?

Umar: Very well, thank you.

Cabbie: Would you like a taxi,sir?

Umar: Yes, I would.

Cabbie: Is this the only your suitcase?

Umar: Yes, that’s it. Are you on meter or is there a flat rate?

Cabbie: I use the meter. Where would you like to go?

Umar: Grand Millennium Hotel at Jalan Bukit Bintang, please.

Cabbie: Come in, sir. I’ll bring you there right away.

Umar: Is there any rail station near the hotel?

Cabbie: Yes, just a short walk to the north west, you will find the KL Light Rail Transit (Hang Tuah Station).

Umar: About how long will it take to get there?

Cabbie: Oh, at this time of day, it won’t take long. Its only about forty five minutes.

Umar: Oh, it seems that you know this city very well.

Cabbie: Yes. I was born and grew up in this metropolitan city. Is this the first time you are here? Where are you from, Sir?

Umar:  I am Umar. I am from the United Kingdom. Yes, this is my first time traveling around Kuala Lumpur city.

Cabbie: Here we are.

Umar: How much is that?

Cabbie: The meter reads RM89, sir.

Umar: Here’s RM100. Keep the change.

Cabbie: Thank you. I’ll get the suitcase for you. Here you go. Have a nice day.

Umar: Thank you.


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