AMXX Coding

So, you have an Idea for a plugin, but can’t make it? Its alright! I will try to help you. 😉

List of Plugins:

1. [CS] First Blood Reward v4.5

2. [API] CS Core + Reward v4.7

3. [ZP] Premium Member + Gold Member v5.3

4. Weapon War v4.9

5. [ZP] Health Reminder (Nemesis + Sniper + Survivor + Assassin + Bombardier)

6. [ZP] Addon: Advance Invisible v1.0

7. Colorful Admin Message v1.1

List of Tutorials:

1. [TUT] How to Add Health, Class, Ammo Packs etc under The Radar

2. [TUT] How to Give Any Extra Item to Survivor

List of Project:

1. [ZP] Open Project: Teaching Mathematics in CS 1.6